4C5M Studio

4C5M (肆師伍門) is a not-for-profit and independent research studio that promotes dialogues between research and practice from a multi-and interdisciplinary approach to the understanding and improvement of urban/living space and social life.


10th Urban Space Conference
in Osaka, Japan
June 14 - 17, 2019

our 10th conference brings together scholars and practitioners from all disciplines to provide scrutinize and analyze pressing issues related to inclusion and exclusion. 


9th Urban Space Conference
in Budapest 2018

This conference builds on previous conferences on urban space and social life and seeks to explore contested issues that link development to (tangible and intangible) heritage.


in HongKong

The workshop is led by a gourp of experts in urban planning, architecture, sociology, and educators in forms of lectures, discussion, fieldwork, tutorial, and problem solving exercises.